Session Organizers

Susan Crook (Loras College)
Email: Susan dot Crook at loras dot edu

David Failing (Lewis University)
Email: dfailing at lewisu dot edu

Russ Goodman (Central College)
Email: GoodmanR at central dot edu

Mel Henriksen (Wentworth Institute of Technology)
Email: henriksenm at wit dot edu

Session Abstract

This session will consist of presentations of demonstrably effective and innovative classroom techniques that address the reasoning behind, design, and implementation of resources or activities. This may include whole course techniques (not necessarily original to the presenter) or drop-in activities to bolster student learning and reflection in any course. Materials will be shared after the session at

Mathfest 2018 Speaker Slides

Mathfest 2017 Speaker Slides

2019 Schedule of Talks

Session A - Thursday, August 1 from 3:50pm - 5:50pm, DECC 230 & 232

Reducing Student Testing Anxiety by Implementing a Three-Stage Group Testing Method (CANCELLED)
Suzanne Caulfield, Cardinal Stritch University

Investigation of Inverted and Active Pedagogies in STEM Disciplines, Final Report (Slides)
Reza O. Abbasian, Texas Lutheran University; Mike Czuchry, Texas Lutheran University

Changes to student self-efficacy and motivation with Team-Based Learning (Slides)
Jeffrey M. Ford, Gustavus Adolphus College

Learning about Learning (Slides)
Alex M. McAllister, Centre College

Getting the Most out of Collaborative Learning (Slides)
Karen F. Smith, UC Blue Ash College

Using learning assistants to encourage active learning (Slides)
Justin Dunmyre, Frostburg State University

Session B - Friday, August 2 from 10:10am - 12:10pm, DECC 237 & 238

No Student Is an Island: A Plethora of Pedagogical Practices for Collaborative Mathematics Classrooms (Slides)
David Taylor, Roanoke College

Read the Book! Improving Reading Comprehension in Mathematics (Slides)
Tom Mahoney, Emporia State University

Continuing the Conversation: Creating Learning Spaces via Dynamic Discussion Forums (Slides)
Melissa Soto, California State University, Fullerton

Structuring a Course Around Reading Mathematics (Slides)
Sean Droms, Lebanon Valley College

Teach students to prepare for class AND to think about their learning (Slides)
Charlotte Knotts-Zides, Wofford College

The Value of Reflective Writing in Mastery-based Grading Systems (Slides)
Adelaide Akers, Emporia State University

Session C - Friday, August 2 from 1:30 - 4:30pm, DECC 237 & 238

Restructuring Lessons as an Antidote to Student Passivity in Introductory Courses (Slides)
Erin R. Moss, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Core Quantitative Rasoning: The Specifications Grading Version (Slides)
Lauren Sager, University of New Hampshire

Precalculus Active Learning Labs: Focus on Functions (Slides)
Linda Burks, Santa Clara University

Graded Homework in 100-level Mathematics Courses: Should the Students decide? (Slides)
Laura R. Tinney, University of North Carolina Asheville; Cathy Whitlock, University of North Carolina Asheville

How Flipping the Classroom led to Better Outcomes for College Algebra and Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning Students (Slides, Handout)
Ralph Stikeleather, University of Cincinnati- Blue Ash College

Introducing the Notion of Variable to Young Children in Courses for Elementary Teachers (Slides)
Patricia Baggett, New Mexico State University; Andrzej Ehrenfeucht, University of Colorado

Teaching Elementary Statistics from A to Z (Slides)
Jason J. Molitierno, Sacred Heart University

Improving Student Ownership in Introductory Statistics Class through a Project-Based Approach (Slides)
Vinodh Kumer Chellamuthu, Dixie State University, Saint George, UT

Help! My lesson bombed: Recovering from a classroom failure. (Slides)
Anil Venkatesh, Adelphi University

Session D - Saturday, August 3 from 10:30am - 12:10pm, DECC 205

Introduction to Proof Techniques in a Geometry Course (Slides, Additional Materials)
Carol Bell, Northern Michigan University

Project-Based Learning in Analysis (Slides)
Kevin Gerstle, Hillsdale College

An Alternate Method for Project Presentation in a Math Course. (Slides)
Abigail Bishop, Iona College

Quantitative Consulting: An Interidsciplinary PIC Math Course (Slides)
(Other Documents: Report Rubric, Instructor Presentation Rubric, Peer Presentation Rubric)
Catie Patterson, Austin College

Building Course Embedded Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) in a mathematics major pathway (Slides)
Lipika Deka, CSU Monterey Bay; Jeffrey Wand, CSU Monterey Bay; Peri Shereen, CSU Monterey Bay

Session E - Saturday, August 3 from 3:00 - 5:20pm, DECC 205

A Calculus Study: Class Preparation Worksheets (Slides)
Sarah Ann Fleming, Belmont University

Manipulative Calculus: Active Learning with 3D Models (Slides, Project Web Site)
Stepan Paul, Harvard University; Janet Chen, Harvard University

The Transformation of a Luddite: Using Technology Outside of the Classroom Setting (Slides)
John Prather, Ohio University

Full Speed Ahead: A Day 1 Calculus Activity (Slides)
Benjamin Wilson, Stevenson University

The Challenges - and Successes - of Remediation in Calculus (Slides)
Paul N. Runnion, Missouri S&T

Collaborative Calculation (CoCalc) in the Classroom (Slides)
Michelle L. Isenhour, Naval Postgraduate School

Interacting with partial Derivatives (Slides)
Tevian Dray, Oregon State University; David Roundy, Oregon State University; Aaron Wangberg, Winona State University